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Non-Invasive Pain Treatment Systems

Reduce Unnecessary Referrals and Increase Revenue with a Non-Invasive Pain Treatment System

On average, a primary care physician sees three to four patients per day who complain of pain symptoms. With a non-invasive pain treatment system from Clinical Solutions, your clinic can reduce unnecessary referrals and reap the increased revenue that comes with providing chronic pain and electroceutical treatments.

Many patients suffering from carpel tunnel pain, low back pain or other chronic pain problems find it difficult to receive the pain relief treatments they need to achieve complete pain management. Often patients do not have the time to attend a two-to-three hour physical therapy session or wait more than 30 days to get an appointment with a pain management specialist. Plus, many patients are not candidates for pain relief drugs or refuse invasive pain management procedures.

The Solution: A Non-Invasive Pain Treatment System

Most patients would welcome a non-invasive pain treatment option to help them improve pain management. To meet this need, Clinical Solutions provides the NeoGeneSys System from Sanexas, a non-invasive pain treatment machine that provides immediate pain relief through non-invasive, electroceutical nerve block.

In the past, such an effective pain treatment product would be too expensive for small medical facilities, but with Clinical Solutions, your facility can provide the high-quality, non-invasive electroanalgesia pain treatment your patients need - all while increasing your clinic's revenue. Plus, since these pain treatments can be safely administered by existing staff members, your clinic will not need to hire additional personnel. Below are details on the increased reimbursement you will experience with a non-invasive pain treatment system:

  • Private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid reimburse $49 to $350 per treatment.
  • Typically patients receive between 5-15 treatments with an average of 10 treatments per patient.

With a monthly lease payment of approximately $750, the NeoGeneSys 2k2 system will pay for itself with less than 12 pain treatments- roughly one patient- per month.

# of patients a month that go through treatment Average # of treatments per patient Average reimbursement per treatment Average reimbursement per patient per month Total additional revenue per month Total additional revenue per year
8 10 $64* $640 $5120 $61,440

For more information on Clinical Solutions's non-invasive pain treatment system please contact us.